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On the Main Stage

rab your cameras! We’re making a movie about Santa Claus…but what style of movie fits the elfin hero of all time?  Thanks to a little help from movie directors Cecil B. DeGrille, Alfred Pitchfork, Steven Reelberg and Sergio Spumoni, a young group of aspiring directors experience movie-making like never before, from Epic Extravaganza and Film Noir, to Spaghetti Western and Super-Hero-Adventure film.  This holiday “movie” features all of Santa’s reindeer, many elves, plus Melton the Snowman.  Watch out, Hollywood! 

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Later in the year

Northwest School of Dance Presents:
A Winters Tale
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The Play Selection Committee is now accepting submissions (deadline
Nov. 30) for the 2015-2016 season.  Please click this link to obtain the Play Submittal Form.






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